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Cabinet Painting Ideas in Louisville, KY

A cabinet painting, sometimes called a top coat or top coating, is a thinning or light layer of paint applied to the cabinet’s surface, usually no bigger than 2″ in either size, but more often much less. The word is also used for paintings which show large-scale landscapes or full-length images in a small scale, instead of a human face or another small item painted almost life-sized. The cabinet painting in Louisville, Kentucky, generally covers the interior surfaces of the cabinets, and can be a very attractive way to upgrade the look of an older home.

Cabinet refacing is another popular option for upgrading older, worn cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This process involves replacing the cabinet surfaces with high-quality new ones, while adding luster and sheen using high-quality paints. Some cabinet painting in Louisville, Kentucky offers both options, and these cabinets tend to be very cost-effective and easy to install, assuming they meet standard cabinet requirements. If the cabinet doors and drawer fronts need to be replaced because they have cracked, split, bent, cracked paint, or are otherwise damaged beyond repair, it is best to contact a remodeling contractor specializing in cabinet refacing in Louisville, Kentucky. Most cabinet refacing contractors in this area have at least two years of experience; however, in the event the original installation was done incorrectly, it may still be possible for a remodeling contractor to successfully complete the job. In this case, cabinet refinishing in Louisville, Kentucky, is usually covered by a guarantee or warranty.

Another option for refurbishing older cabinet surfaces is called cabinet refacing with a design tool. This type of refurbishing incorporates the use of special design tools that are primarily used for woodworking projects, and which are then used on the cabinets to create a new, customized look. The design tool usually makes use of a saw with special metal blades that can be fitted to standard cabinet frames. The new design tool cabinet painting process can involve creating a new cabinet surface, as well as adding luster and sheen using high-quality paints.

If you’re considering cabinet painting in Louisville, Kentucky, you should also consider swapping out your drawers. Though it’s possible to refinish old drawers, they will often look out of place next to a modern decor. A good option for upgrading older drawers is to install new, contemporary drawer boxes. Drawer boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. While you can install new, modern drawer boxes that match the knobs and hardware on the cabinet doors, there’s nothing like a sleek new look to a worn out appearance.

One other popular option for cabinet painting in Louisville, Kentucky is to install under-cabinet kitchen organizers. Many homeowners want to upgrade their kitchens by replacing worn, old hardware with sleek, contemporary organizers. Under-cabinet organizers are very attractive and come in a large variety of styles and materials. They’re perfect for larger kitchens and for ensuring that your counter space is free from clutter and chaos. Whether you’re replacing cabinets or installing new cabinets, homeowners should also consider adding a few under-cabinet organizers.

When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, there’s a few more options to consider besides painting the cabinet doors. In addition to refacing existing hardware, refinishing cabinet hardware, or installing new cabinet fronts, homeowners can also choose to replace door pulls, knobs, and drawer fronts. Removing door pulls and drawer fronts allows for a more open, modern appearance. Instead of choosing one of the standard finishes, you have the option of choosing your favorite finish. Many homeowners who are artistic or like to do things themselves prefer paint cabinet doors in a color that complements the rest of their decor.